For those who often do MOC, what's your bricks mainly from?

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1 hour ago, Retro said:

Of course, sometimes it washes up on the shore. Last week I was beach-combing and I found Tantive IV, only slightly damp and nibbled by a crab.

Wow! Sealed? 

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6 hours ago, ShaydDeGrai said:

I'm so sorry for you.  I have the luxury (and I realize it is a luxury) of living within a half hour drive of four Lego Stores and a Discovery center gift shop (so Pick-a-Brick walls are always a fertile, target rich environment for my MOC fodder).  I'm not sure why we have so many so tightly packed together when some places (like northern New England) have none, but I think its probably because everything else is so darned expensive (my wife and I went out to lunch yesterday at an "average" restaurant, not fast food but nothing fancy - two beverages, a sandwich and a taco - no dessert, $63 (USD) plus tip) that Lego isn't perceived to be as pricey as it is in other parts of the country.

Yeah it sucks, there are a few toy stores in Hayle, St Ives, Truro, Penryn/Falmouth ect that sell LEGO but they are just normal retailers who sell LEGO and not actual LEGO stores so they don't have a Pick-a-Brick wall. Most don't even have a good selection of LEGO, just small sets aimed at children rather than AFOL's. Tis why I have to buy my parts from Bricklink and offen pay inflated prices instead of going to a proper LEGO store. Cornwall is a tourist destination for emmets so things like concert venues, decent theme parks and indeed LEGO stores simply don't exist here. If you want a Cornish Pasty, we've got ya covered but if you want LEGO, you gotta import them from other parts of the UK or mainland Europe. 

Wow that is ridiculous, 63 bucks, what an utter rip off. Would love to know how they can justify charging that for a couple of drinks, a sandwich and a taco. At that price, I wouldn't have bothered giving a tip.
My Dad and I went to Ukraine in April to visit Chernobyl and Pripyat, while exploring Kiev, we stopped in this restaurant about 1/2 mile from Independence Square for lunch. My Dad had a huge cheese burger (with a salad), a cappuccino and a coke (strange combo I know), I had these really nice potato pancake things and a cup of tea, afterwards they gave us a slice of really nice cake each for free. Not sure exactly what it cost us now but it was about £8.50GBP (about $10.30USD at todays rates). We're planning on going back the Ukraine again next year and needless to say we will be going back to that restaurant again.


4 hours ago, ShaydDeGrai said:

Does free Lego ever wash up on the shore there?  Wasn't there a container ship in a storm incident somewhere near Britain a few years back?

Yes indeed there was a ship a few years ago that spilt a load of LEGO into the sea. Parts still wash up on the Cornish and Devonshire coast to this day. But they are so badly damaged or broken and are unuseable so any LEGO still in the ocean is just pollution rather than being free LEGO. Just off Lands End, about 1/3 the way to the Isles of Scilly, there are something like 5 powerful ocean currents that meet so anything in that area that doesn't have an engine doesn't survive long. The Penlee Lifeboat disaster highlighted this back in 1981. A brand new ship, the Union Star, lost its engine and started drifting towards the coast. A Royal Navy helicopter from RNAS Culdrose (piloted by a US Navy pilot) and the RNLI Penlee Lifeboat went out to try and save the crew, but both ship and lifeboat were smashed into rocks by 60ft waves killing 16 people (search for "penlee lifeboat diaster - cruel sea" on youtube). LEGO in the ocean around here don't stand much chance of staying intact or in useable condition.

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