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[MOC] Nexo Knights -- Robin's Vampirate Ship

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Knighton is in ruins, devastated by the dread brickpile that the vampirates summoned from the buckets beyond; only King Halbert's self-sacrifice interrupted the brickpile and drove it to the sea.  So why is Robin now captaining a vampirate ship in the middle of the ocean?  Well, it's kind of a long story...



When last we saw Robin, he had reverse-engineered the vampirates' Pandora Gate to teleport the king and queen to safety to escape Axl's precipitous coup.  Turns out that forbidden technology is forbidden for a reason, and Robin's desperate action unleashed the dread brickpile.  Robin and Axl were knocked through the gate and tumbled into the southern swamps.



Robin and Axl have some quality time to reconsider their ill-considered actions -- "act in haste, repent at leisure" -- and Axl resolves to return to Knighton to reconnect with his troops and make right what went wrong, unaware that the city has already been demolished.



Robin stays behind to search for the queen, but instead he is discovered by a troop of vampirates.  The situation looks grim...



...but the vampirates instead want to elect Robin as their new leader!  It turns out that High Priestess Pola -- now gone -- had prophesied of "the ascent of black night, robbing our hope and light".



A little emendation turns that to "the ascent of Black Knight Robin, our hope and light."  It's a stretch, but hey, it'll work!



And that's how Captain Robin finds himself in charge of a mighty vessel -- christened the "Halbert" in honor of the king who sacrificed himself to stop the brickpile -- and a force of loyal vampirates, all of whom are eager to undo the damage they wreaked on Knighton.



Robin sets his crew to a dangerous task: recovering debris from the dread and terrible brickpile.  The radar detects the proverbial white whale...



...and the bravest vampirates volunteer for the highly risky job of harvesting from the brickpile.



The vampirates approach the menacing brickpile, one speedboat carrying a cybernet and the other prepared for emergency evacuation.



The vampirates lay down the cybernet and watch in terror as the churning brickpile, destroyer of worlds, bubbles and groans to the surface.



The brickpile slides across the cybernet.  This is the moment of maximum danger...if the brickpile were to turn, the heaving pile of plastic could devour the sailors in a moment.



But today the brickpile crunches past, leaving a random array of junk and treasure in its wake.



The vampirates rush back to the main ship, artifacts in tow.  These desperate dances with the brickpile are Robin's only hope of recovering Knighton's lost hardware.



This risky but repeatable pattern continues until the day when the cybernet captures something -- or rather, someone -- unexpected.



And that someone is alive!  The sailors immediately fish him out of the water and rush back to the main vessel.



Everyone is shocked.  How could anyone survive the brickpile?  And what is the survivor's unusual outfit?



Robin takes the survivor back to his cabin and interviews him closely.  The survivor is rattled and thoroughly confused, but when he learns the name of the ship -- the Halbert -- he immediately recognizes the name.  The survivor reveals the terrifying truth -- King Halbert is still alive, and through sheer strength of will the king has somehow risen above the unrelenting madness and he is still restraining the brickpile.



This changes everything.  If King Halbert is still self-aware, at some level, then perhaps Robin can communicate with him -- or even rescue him from the brickpile.  He writes a note and places it in a watertight box.



The survivor, in his mumbling and uncertain way, insists on accompanying the vampirates with the letter.



The sailors deposit the cybernet and wait for the brickpile to roll over the net and pick up the package.  But then, to their shock, the survivor plunges into the water!



He snatches the letter, and then before the vampirates can stop him...



...he dives into the groaning brickpile and disappears into its plastic depths.



Robin stares out at the endless ocean, struggling to comprehend what he has learned and unable to decipher why the survivor would return to the brickpile.  Did the survivor think this was the only way to get the letter to the king?  Was he allied to the brickpile?  Could there be some other, more inscrutable motive?  If only Clay or Merlok were here -- they would understand.



Indeed, as Knighton was ravaged and the knights dispersed, many have asked the same questions.  Where is Clay?  Where is Merlok?  Why aren't they rescuing us?



And far from the ocean, in an underground bunker, Clay prepares to make a decision that will change Knighton forever.




#1 -- Ava's Stone Embassy

#2 -- Lance's Lava Mine

#3 -- Macy's Fortified Chapel

#4 -- Jestro's Pandora Gate

#5 -- Axl's Spider Foundry

#6 -- King Halbert's Last Stand

#7 -- Aaron's Club Absinthe

#8 -- Robin's Vampirate Ship

#9 -- Clay's Chapterhouse Vigil




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As someone who never really followed Nexo Knights and has two sets and saw the 4D movie at Discovery Centers too much, this is... well this is bleak. I'm not up to date with your storyline, but I'll comment on the MOC. It's pretty cool. It's definitely Nexo-feel, although I think the ship could be a bit more curved. Also, this reminds me very much of WATERWORLD for some reason.

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