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Technic Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

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Greetings all!

I am happy to announce my Ideas project launched!  What is it you ask? 

You simply pick one of the three levers to display your choice of Rock, Paper, or Scissors.  Hopefully you can beat your opponent as well. 

I would love if you could support this or comment any improvement you might see!

>>> Click Here for IDEA'S page <<<








Each player gets a module


And a short video.


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My immediate thought was an upgrade: Separate selector mechanisms for both players where either can't see what the other is choosing, then a third mechanism which reveals choices of each player at the same time. It would need to be build in such a way that selection is either silent or the sound is identical for each selection so the other player couldn't make deductions based on sound.

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17 minutes ago, howitzer said:

My immediate thought was an upgrade:

Thanks.  However this was designed so that you can add multiple player modules to have a infinately larger game and not be tied to a table top.  You can actually hold this and play ...  So the mechanism is fairly simple.  The levers are spaced and stagared so you can hover you finger over the top lever but still select the bottom with barely any movement.

Also you can construct a base around the unit to better hide your choices if you desire.  Originally I had done this but it made the module more clumsy to hold and play.

These litterally ride around in my truck with me and can be played anywhere!


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Just a reminder if you haven't supported please do ... The project needs 25 more supporters to make the next milestone!

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