Tips for Realistic Vehicle Design

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Hello! I have never built any sort of custom LEGO Vehicle, but I really am interested in doing so. The problem for me is design and scale. How do you make a car that looks good, but is also proportionate to Minifigs? 

The kind of cars I want to build are modern, stock sedans, SUVs, buses, and trucks. I am mainly asking for tips, but if you have pictures of your own custom cars, I would greatly appreciate it! 

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I myself do not make many vehicles - only military. I will send you picture of some of my vehicles anyway. Some people in the community that might be useful : bricksboy - he makes a lot of designs for all sorts of modern vehicles. He makes video tutorials and may give you some idea. Alternatively look on youtube - a very good channel being 'hachiroku24' he does a range of good tutorials. Or just look on something like flickr. I would find a vehicle that you like then use that to scale your other vehicles, Good Luck!

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