[MOC] Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 1973

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One of the most iconic and for me the most beautiful generation of Porsche 911 is the 1973 Carrera RSR!

It is made of 779 parts and it features full interior along with opening doors, hood and trunk, spinning wheels freely despite the aggressive negative camber which makes me very happy!

I had the pleasure of making the yellow one out of lego around a year ago but I hadn't posted it before for a couple of reasons.
I wanted first to collect the parts needed to build all of the available color variations. That is yellow, white, black and light bluish grey!Unfortunately it is not that easy to find nor to afford some of these parts so I have only made a white and a yellow one so far...
Then I wasted 2 weeks of my life trying to take decent photos of that damned white and yellow colors!
And then I tried to submit it on Lego Ideas over and over again under different names because of the new rule that doesn't permit any project that uses a third party brand that TLG has already established assosiation with. THAT FRUSTRATED ME A LOT!

If you want to make your own 911, there is an instructions set on Rebrickable.com











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Superb models! The shape is captured perfectly. I really like how you built the door hinges, it's realistic to how car doors move in real life. With that amount of polish and detail, I'm surprised it's built with just 779 pieces! Awesome job! :thumbup: :laugh:

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Well done on capturing the classic 911 shape so well. I like the way you've changed the wheels around for the different photos. Best is Gold on the race car and Black/polished rim on the road car in my opinion.

Are the stripes brick built?

You mention this can be built in 4 different colours, what parts are particularly rare or expensive in each colour? I'd love to see a render of the black and grey ones.

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the curves on this are insane, and sexy as hell, thanks for your effort on this one, one of the best ive seen at this scale, that is not a technic moc

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Beautiful model. Great resemblance to the full scale RSR!

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