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[Landspeeder][Cat B] The Vagrant Mobile Workshop

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The Vagrant is a salvaged Reek-Class Republic Troop Transport from the Clone Wars era, refitted to be a mobile workshop. It now roams the forests of Takodana, looking for vehicles and droids to repair.

By building a vehicle I went a little out of the box with this, but hopefully it's OK.

48078367153_2951ba18fb_z.jpgUntitled by naugem, on Flickr

48078333966_93659f647a_z.jpgUntitled by naugem, on Flickr

48078518041_2edf099148_z.jpgUntitled by naugem, on Flickr

Extended ramp-platform, with lift and mechanical arm. There's also a a removable platform inside to place speeders.

48078334121_d320476d77_z.jpgUntitled by naugem, on Flickr

Close-up of the tool area.

48078367133_1265cb95d3_z.jpgUntitled by naugem, on Flickr

Command center

48078333186_6f389bff02_z.jpgUntitled by naugem, on Flickr

Edited by naugem

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Interesting concept that of a mobile workshop. It reminds me the Sandcrawler.

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