[REVIEW] 40343 Spider-Man and the Museum Break-In


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'Everywhere I go, I see his face. I just really miss him.'

After Tony sacrificed himself to save the universe, (you're saying there's a multiverse?) Everybody misses him but the world have to move on.

So, let's move on to my 32nd review in Eurobricks, 40343 Spider-Man and the Museum Break-In.



Name: 40343 Spider-Man and the Museum Break-In
Theme: Marvel Super Heroes
Year: 2019 
Pieces: 49
Minifigures: 3
Price: USD 14.99 / 14.99€ / RM74.90

The 'Box' 



The packaging is a giant minifigure translucent pack which you can see the contents inside. The back of the packaging featuring the builds and two special parts including a full sized pizza and a printed trans clear web piece.


My way of opening this is quite brutal :devil:, tearing off the bottom tapes bringing out the instruction booklet and a bag of LEGO bricks.


The content of the set. I think I will keep that giant minifigure trans clear plastic. :laugh:


The instruction booklet is quite simple front and back page of a paper. 


This is how 49 pieces of LEGO looks like. USD0.31 per piece is quite expensive I would say. Let's see what's special inside this.


These are special parts inside the set. Ned's hair is quite rarely seen for a generic city person but not new. 38800-Minifigure, Hair Bowl Cut Parted in Center in Dark Brown only for Ned and Professor Flitwick in Harry Potter collectible minifigure series. It came with reddish brown in 5005359 Minifigure Display Frame as a hair piece for a Beach Party Dude.

However the pizza, helmet and the trans clear web piece are just special but not new.

1. 14769pb160 - Tile, Round 2 x 2 with Bottom Stud Holder with Pizza Pepperoni and Olive with Slice Marks Pattern

2. x167 - Minifigure, Headgear Helmet Castle with Fixed Face Grille

3. 4740pb015 - Dish 2 x 2 Inverted (Radar) with Spider Web Pattern (Only in this set and 75950 Aragog's Lair.)

4. 3626cpb1910 - Light Flesh Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Female Black Eyebrows, Light Orange Lips and Beauty Mark, Neutral / Angry Pattern (SW Rose) - Hollow Stud

New parts are listed here as below.

1. 3626cpb2398 - Red Minifigure, Head Alien with Spider-Man Black Web and White Eyes, Mask Pulled Up Showing Mouth Pattern - Hollow Stud

2. 973pb3227c02 - Dark Red Torso Plaid Flannel Shirt with Dark Blue Stripes over Light Bluish Gray Sweater Pattern / Dark Red Arms / Medium Dark Flesh Hands 

3. 3626cpb2399Medium Dark Flesh Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Black Eyebrows, Reddish Brown Chin, Grin / Scared Pattern - Hollow Stud 

Another new part is as below picture.


Surprisingly we get an antenna with new colour as a trans clear piece as the support for the drone. The centre piece is the normal antenna 3957

1. 3957b - Antenna 1 x 4 - Flat Top


A comparison of the printed web piece with Dr. Strange's discs. The prints are very nice and lovely to look at!


The builds of the set. They are very simple builds with a jewel display stand, castle armor stand and a drone. The only positive side in this is only the trans clear antenna and the dish which can be reused elsewhere to make other things 'fly'. The drone looks nice but still, for a price like this, I would rather they be replaced by another one or two minifigures. 


Extra parts. Yeay! we got an extra trans jewel!

Before we go to the minifigures, let's watch this. Sorry for the stop motion, not sure why it became like this after uploading. Better quality if you click HD.

The Minifigures



Maria Hill. So she is a pizza delivery girl instead of Nick Fury's right hand woman? This minifigure is actually a mix of a generic ponytail hair, Rose Tico's face, and a plain blue leg piece. I feel 'meh' for this minifigure actually. She should have the 'agent' or spy looking attire. 


Agent 13 looks more professional than Maria Hill. Too bad I don't have the old Maria Hill to take picture here for comparison but the reuse of Banner's torso is not that cool. 


I prefer to use this head for our spiderman here. This new head with his mask pulled up showing part of Peter's face is a very nice touch to the spiderverse of minifigures. I longed for this head piece since Tobey's spiderman kissed his girlfriend with only his mouth showing but this 'munching something in the mouth' face will do. :laugh:


If he wears the full mask, he is not exclusive to this set.


The head piece finally can have a much different print after all these years. 


Oh hi Ned! the man behind the screen! (he is a LEGO fan too.) This looks generic but the hair and the face is instantly recognisable as Peter Parker's classmate. That hair is spot on! 


About his skin tone, the shade is similar to Valkyrie's but not the same as Wong and Okoye. The hands too have the same shade.


Hmm. Simple build with generic minifigure. Let's see.


  • Ned! 
  • A new partially unmasked Spiderman head.
  • and a pizza.


  • Simple build.
  • A mix of old parts to become Maria Hill. 
  • A little bit too expensive. 

Review summary

Playability: 3/10 - Does turning the rotors of the drone considered as a play feature?
Design / Building Experience: 5/10 - Simple Build. Only the drone looks a little bit complex.
Minifigures: 6/10 - Only Ned and new partially unmasked spiderman is worthy. 
Price / Value for money: 3/10 - Unless we get a new Maria Hill print. If not, this set is probably for hardcore Marvel LEGO fan to complete their minifigures collection.
Overall: 5/10 - Hmm. Get this if you really need Ned as he is exclusive to the set. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you like this review. Do share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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