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Challenge III - Category A: Rumors

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7a. Rumors

Lady Gwenllian was surveying the progress on the town’s palisade when she heard a commotion from one of the nearby farms.  Quickly heading over to see what was the matter, she found a farmer obviously terrified.

“What’s going on?” she asked the farmer.

“M’lady!” the farmer said, and quickly bowed.  “It’s the chickens!  Please, come see!”

Lady Gwenllian followed the farmer over to a small grassy area where his chickens and a few pigs were milling about.  A man with a black beard, dressed all in green, carrying strange odds and ends strapped to his belt, stood watching the chickens.  The man, however, was not the strangest part of the scene: in fact, the man was watching one enormous chicken amongst the others.  His head turned to watch Lady Gwenllian and the farmer approach.


“M’lady, this huge chicken came over to my flock today!  I’ve never seen anything like it!  It has to be some sort of demon chicken!”

Lady Gwenllian looked over the chicken, which stood some five feet tall.  Besides being a monstrosity, it appeared to behave like a normal chicken, pecking at the ground for bugs and plants like the others.

The man with the green hat spoke.  “This is no demon, my good man,” he began.  “M’lady,” he said, tipping his hat to Lady Gwenllian.  “It is in fact what magic users refer to as a dire animal, one that is enlarged unnaturally by a magical malady of some sort.”

Lady Gwenllian looked at him.  “And are you the wizard responsible for this bizarre creature?” she asked bluntly.

He shook his head.  “No, m’lady, I am not.  I am here, in fact, because I am trying to track down the source of this beast.  It is not the only dire animal I have encountered in this region, and I would like to know the source.  There is word of an evil sorceress in the Enchanted Forest who, once a pure and good elf, has been twisted by powerful magic into a ruthless, power hungry monster.  If this is true, these realms could be in peril.”

Lady Gwenllian considered him, then the chicken.  “What is your name, good wizard?” she asked him.

“I am Razin, the traveling wizard, at your service, m’lady.”

“It so happens that my household is in need of a wizard, Razin.  How would you like to become Razin, the grand mage of Prenmôr?  I have a very keen interest in solving this mystery and finding out if there is any truth to this rumor of an evil sorceress in the forest.”

Razin bowed.  “I would be honored, m’lady.”

“Good, then it’s settled.  I will have your belongings brought up to the temporary housing for my personal household.” She gestured to the wattle and daub houses on the high rock outcropping above.  “Now what about this chicken?” she asked.

Razin shrugged.  “Other than being extremely large, it is just a chicken.”

Lady Gwenllian looked at the farmer.  “Get a spear.  We are having chicken for dinner tonight.”


Notes: As with my other entry, I have had no time for this.  This particular entry is a 15 minute job (can you tell? Lol), but I thought it was humorous enough to throw in, and I’ve been wanting to give the unamused face I bought from Citizen Brick to Lady Gwenllian.  The base and surroundings are unimaginative and are really just a platform for the story.


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Fun little scene.  I like your story and figs too.

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With a chicken this size, there won't be any food related problem for some time.
Might be this is not a magical malady, but the solution for hunger issues in Historica. Very useful when winter comes.

I totally encourage the wizard to track the source of this magic in order to replicate it, of course.

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Thank you for your comments.  I know that this isn't a lot of a build, but I was hoping a few people would get a laugh out of the Duplo chicken and perhaps be intrigued by the story, which I hope to follow up on.

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:laugh: Gwenllian's facial expression is spot on :thumbup:
Fun way to use the Duplo chicken, and it's interesting to see how closely its design matches the LEGO counterparts.

Interested to see where the story goes next!

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