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[Landspeeder][Cat A] Ute Speeder

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 Ute Speeder

As a scavenger, Tygio Landrew  needs a proper vehicle to transport the gartered parts and machines. The Ute Speeder does it well.



This speeder is based of a concept atr, that I've found online: 

Star Wars Downunder Fan Film Concept Art Ute Speeder


Description: The AUS ute speeder was made to be a cheep and reliable land speeder. It put practicality before esthetics so it wasn’t the prettiest looking speeder out there. Its rouged design mad it very easy to modify and repair. the speeder had room for a driver and passenger but its open tray allowed the speeder to transport a huge amount of cargo, livestock or people. Many private models had been modified for farming or transports. Spotlights or livestock cages on the back were the most common modifications.







I really like the design of this vehicle and made it in form was quite challenging. Here are some of the building techniques:





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