[Landspeeder][Cat. C] The streets of Nar Shaddaa

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The streets of Nar Shaddaa
Category C

Henjin Quilones III fingered the controls of his custom speeder as they approached the sharp bend up ahead. He knew this street well, having grown up here in a small apartment above Ursuylla's Horny Dragon Club with his twin sister and mother after his father had mysteriously vanished during the Clone Wars. His father had been a Jedi, his mother claimed, though clearly not a very good one if he had kids with a nightclub dancer on Nar Shaddaa. But fast reflexes Henjin certainly had, an ability to almost see things before they happened, and his Jenhin, his sister, did too; so perhaps his mother was correct about his dad. His reflexes certainly came in handy piloting these landspeeders at near-top speed down the twisting and narrow streets of the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa. 


Just before he was about to crash through the open door of Veenac'ebla's garage, doing who knows how much damage to the repair shop of the Twi'lek who had practically raised him, Henjin leaned hard on the levers, scraping the edge of the speeder on the pavement below, sending up a spray of sparks. The speeder reacted just as it was supposed to, and he did not crash into the shop, nor into the columns at the edge of the street; but he did crash into the side of the red speeder carrying the thugs of the Scarlet Spicer, a crime boss who claimed this territory. Henjin and Jenhin used to work for him before setting out on their own, but their petty thefts and basic annoyances had become too much for the boss to overlook anymore. Hence the thugs. Damn, their speeder was nearly as fast as his. And the pilot was good, too. 


The impact of speeder on speeder knocked his sister's aim off balance, and the bolt of plasma that was destined for the masked pilot's head seared the wall by Veena's door instead. Jenhin fired again while dodging a bolt from the purple-skinned Togruta in the other ride. She looked familiar, Henjin thought as he stepped on the accelerator and sped away from the corner.


The chase was back on, with blaster bolts flying through the crowds that were flying out of the way, some even jumping over the edge of the road to the level below. Hopefully he could lose them somewhere in the narrows ahead; otherwise things were going to get a whole lot worse. 




My entry to Category C. The interior of Veenac'ebla's shop is narrowly visible through the blast door, which was my entry for Cat. B, but the scene is entirely different; and the exterior build here is substantial on its own, well over 48x48 studs. I hope that will satisfy the judges. I am not nearly as happy with the lighting here as I was in the speeder shop, but it does the job well enough for an urban evening scene. C&C welcome. 

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This one is very nice as well. The neon colors and the different doors give a very SW-ish look and feel.

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