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[Landspeeder][Cat A] Raider Gang Speeder

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Raider Gang Speeder

Living on a backwater Outer Rim planet, the Raider Gang were a group of misfits patrolling the empty desert that they called home. Many witnesses report being ambushed by an old speeder that looked like a pile of junk, before being robbed at blaster-point. Even people in speeders themselves weren't safe: the Raider Gang's driver, Tai Axley, was known to ram other vehicles in an attempt to knock them over, allowing his fellow gang members to scavenge what was left.

By all accounts, despite its appearance, the speeder was one of the fastest on the planet (though admittedly there weren't many), outfitted with modded engines that allowed it to outrun most commercial models. What the vehicle gained in speed, though, it lacked in luxury. Most of the front cockpit appears to have been completely removed, leaving only the skeleton of the original speeder.

Whenever the gang attempted to rob people, they wore masks, both to conceal their identity and to keep dust, kicked up by the vehicle at high speeds, out of their face. The Gang's identity would have remained a secret to Imperial authorities, had they not forgotten to hide their masks before entering a local cantina. Nearby stormtroopers were informed by a loyal Imperial informant and the speeder, parked nearby and mistaken at first for scrap, was impounded.

Sadly, the vehicle was since stolen and reports of the Gang's activity began to appear again. Images of their faces have since been placed in several cantinas, but none of the members have been spotted since.

Raider Gang Speeder


Pretty happy with how this turned out - went through quite a few different designs before I came up something I was satisfied with.


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