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So it’s taken me a while to decide what I was going to build and I’ve settled on an exploration Rover vehicle. I’ve been watching some of the Mars tv programme by National Geographic and this along with The Martian and Lost in Space (Netflix) will be my main sources of inspiration.



I'm calling it Scarab as it’ll have 6 wheels. I’m planning on them all being driven. Just not too sure how many will steer or in which direction. As in front 2 axles steer (2nd not as much as 1st) or axles 1 & 3 steer to the same amount but in opposite directions. Oh and the axles will be a lot further apart than this.


I mainly spent last night working on this some suspension geometry. I’m reasonably happy with it.

I’ve also got a rough body shape that I’ve not taken a pic of. But that’s just to work around as it’ll be taken apart as I add more bits.

still not sure if this will me a manual or partially powered model. Depends on how much space I get to mount motors etc vs the look and feel I want.

I hope to provide updates on a weekly basis as the boss now works away from home mid week so I can get a solid night building once a week.

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A quick Sunday update from me. A quick couple of hours working out what the suspension looks like when you build in the other plane to get the diffs in and I’ve ended up here


I think I’m reasonably happy with these. So then I did this.


I think they’ll end up at least a couple of studs further apart this was just to see what it looked liked. Final spacing will depend on my wheel choice and what looks right.

In my first post I’d hinted at a body shape. Here it is below, the plan for this week is to take this apart and stretch it a bit to integrate the chassis into it. I think the bottom angles will go.


the eagle-eyed of you will also notice this has an even spacing on its width ... it was just meant as a test of the shape.

Hopefully get some build time on Tuesday this week as Wednesday I’m out enjoying my day job in the evening 😎


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