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[GBC] Modular Tipper Module

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This is my latest version of my very first Great Ball Contraption module - the simple tipper. I have made a video showing the details and how it can be combined in a circuit of similar modules with bridges and common motors:


The first version was quickly made to a competition in my LUG back in 2007


The deadline was coming up and I did not have a video camera. The pictures (see them cut together in the video) were taking using one of those $20 'stick' digicams that were popular back in the early 2000's.

The module was shined up for LEGO Fan Weekend in Skærbæk, 2007:


The theme was Aquanauts, but this is unfortunately the best picture I have of it. I brought this and the green 'Logo Roco' module to the event. The other module had a tendency to tear itself apart due to being built using normal bricks and having a hammer to shoot the balls up - similar to the gameplay of the game Loco Roco.

The next version of the module had the normal bricks replaced with Technic, the blue rails replaced with a tile and is much more open, making the balls easier to follow:


Unfortunately lifting the ramp caused the motor to wear out prematurely, and the outbox was not easy to align with other modules. You can see it in action in the first video, and in this at 6:45:


The latest module has a counterweight in the inbox to reduce wear on the motor


The outbox is now to the side to avoid the moving outbox alignment issue:



For this reason there are also two building instructions: One for the outbox left and one for outbox right:







The module can be powered by both an M or an L-motor


The motor can be mounted both in the middle and at the sides (see the video for how)



The inbox is 'antagonized' by moving back and forth:


And the module is fairly open to make it easier to follow the balls move through:


The holes in the ends can be used to connect other modules of the same kind using pins:


You can use bridges to make things more interesting, and common rail motorization to reduce the amount of motors required:


This will be my last 'simple' module for a while. My plans are to make a couple of really interesting ones for the upcoming LEGO event in Fürth.

Take care, and remember if you follow the building instructions: Colors are not important in GBC!

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