Looking for these parts

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I need these parts to finish my Mech Moc but all sellers on bricklink that have them only have 1 of the parts on my list.

I can only pay with PayPal

Does anyone have all or at least 2 of these in the colors of the images.

61801.t2.png Orange X2

4740.t2.png Transparent Black X2

21755.t2.png Pearl Dark Gray X2

98568pb01.t2.png Black Phantom's Sword X1


And as long as I'm here. Anyone have these either?

kraata6.t2.png Shadow Kraata (Any Level works) X1

27167.t2.png Nexo Mech Cockpit Red X1

64251.t2.png Pearl Light Grey not Flat Silver X1 (But I'll take as many as you have)


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