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Praiter Yed

[Landspeeder][Cat A] - Starkiller's Landspeeder

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My Landspeeder entry is Inspired by a prototype model by Colin Cantwell. Colin Cantwell was hired by George Lucas to produce concept work for 'The Star Wars' prior to production. Ralph McQuarrie would take inspiration from Cantwell's models and include them in his illustrations. I've taken some artistic licence with the design, giving it that beat-up Star Wars look and including seating for two people. I find it unclear from the concept model how many people it's supposed to carry but Hot Wheels produced a version with seating for just the pilot.

Starkiller's Landspeeder on Flickr




The pilot and passenger are inspired by Ralph McQuarrie concepts from when the story was focused on the Starkiller family and the character that would eventually become Luke Skywalker was a girl...


Thanks to MKJoshA for hosting the contest

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