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Photo Contest: Scenes for the Corner Garage

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48000068456_9d1f9179a1_b.jpgScenes for the Corner Garage by Brickcentral Community, on Flickr

First, thank you to @Jim and the admins for letting me post our photo contest here! I really appreciate the help!

Brickcentral is hosting its first photo contest as a Recognized LEGO Online community and we've got an awesome prize to give away: Corner Garage 10264!

Brickcentral is an online community that runs themed photography challenges, features creative photos and shares shooting tips for the LEGO photographer.

To enter the photo contest, create a scene relating to any of the floors of the Corner Garage building and take a photo of it.

Your photo might be set in any of the floors of the building, but they could also be events that bring you to it... or even take you out of it!

A car breaking down somewhere, repairs happening in the garage, animals getting a check up on site or at the stables, people having a rooftop party... these are all scenes that relate to the Corner Garage building. Use your imagination! We've got some examples made by some of our mods posted on the contest page (see below) to inspire you.

The contest runs until June 30 and will be judged by the mod team of Brickcentral.

Full contest details are on the Scenes for the Corner Garage contest page.

I hope to see some fantastic entries from the Eurobricks community!

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Used smaller photo

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I don't own the set to compete, but i'm gonna have to dig through the website for photography tips. i feel like every photo of my hoarde I've taken so far has been, "everyone look at what a mess my house is!"

good luck to the builders that compete.


EDIT: Oh. the contest is more flexible than I expected. I'm sure I can come up with something thematic with what I own. I think I was taking "Scenes" literally and expected to be asked to photograph with the garage. Suppose that wouldn't have made a ton of sense given that the garage is the prize.

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read the contest rules after posting.

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@Four Bricks Tall I dunno, some of the Double-Corner-Garage enlarged-building MOCs have looked amazing. I think I'd still want to win one even if I owned it already.

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9 hours ago, Four Bricks Tall said:

The contest runs until June 30

What an excellent competition! It’s nice to see a contest running for longer, as I don’t always have the time to make entries with such a busy schedule. I can’t wait to get started!

By the way, nice username @Four Bricks Tall!

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This is going to be great, an awesome contest for Town Forum and an amazing prize! Can't wait to see what all the Lego City gearheads (and there's a lot of them!) come up with.

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