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Hello fellow builders!!

I just wanted to share with you my MOC of HMS Surprise (a frigate that was commissioned in 1794), and to ask you for your help and support for my project.

For more (and better) pics with a description of my MOC you can go to if you really like it, and think it'll make a cool new Lego set, I would also love to have your support for HMS Surprise so we can turn a design into a real Lego Set.



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Nice job! :thumbup:

I'd really like a minifig scale ship and this would be ideal - supported on LEGO Ideas :wink:

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Looks like a practical chance at getting past the killers of dreams the Ideas Review Team. :wink:


I've been fascinated with Technic-based sails since I saw them on the Sea Cow. In your opinion, do they restrict play more than cloth types?



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