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RecentlyI am a new member of Eurobricks and I have decided to share the building process of my brig, this is one of my first serious ship builds and I would really appreciate feedback and tips. The inspiration was taken from the ships Anders T build and from Curently I am struggling with the bow(haven’t really started on it) and making the captains cabin look right. Her are some pics





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Looks very promising.:pir-grin:

If you want to have ideas for a bow feel free to visit my topic on my custom hull ship:


Make sure to finish the hull (orange part) the complete length from bow to stern before starting to build structure upon it. On the pictures the ship seems a bit short with a too much tapering towards the front.
Why not use flickr, brickshelf or imgur as an image hosting service? So we can have acess to much higher quality images.

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Glad to be an inspiration. Makes me feel old in a good way.:yoda:

I actually thought of making the upper part of a ship in the fashion you are doing.

Looking forward to see how it works.

This could end my reply, but you ask for tips, so here it goes:


I will not refer to any LEGO, but there is one real revelation in regards to naval design that cannot be overstated.

Architectura Navalis Mercatoria by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman, 1768


I agree with ROBIN IV, there is some planning that could come handy at a later stage.

With great risk of going overboard,*huh* any full hull ship is quite a task and I think there is something gained in thinking through a process.

I usually go about it much like drawing, painting or sculpting.

Broken down in themes a work process could be like this:


-The guiding lines that makes the overall design harmonic-

This means deciding the size and overall shape of the model.

If there are, some major structures that define the overall shape consider them as well.

Do this with LEGO, drawing or digitally.


-The level of precision vs elegance/panache-

In all expressions, there is some level of compromise when realizing an idea.

Here, always bear in mind that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

The human eye is a forgiving instrument; this means that you can get away with some imperfections if you stay true to a style.

On a ship-model, there is a clear distinction between the lower hull, the upper hull, the masts and the further details.

Surface direction

- The direction of the structure-

Finding out what shape is the dominant. This more or less follows from “sketching” and “technique”

You can find LEGO with a great variation of sloping, but usually you are stuck with a straight side.

On a ship this changes throughout the structure, sometimes there are more than one and then you have to decide.


-Natural, impressionistic and so on-

Here there is the compromise between what you want and what you have.

Orange lower hull?!? -Yep, it should be a metallic copper, but this is not available.

Is the contrast between the wood on the deck that big? -No, but there is a difference and this looks quite nice.


-Where the Devil is-

You can get lost here, and when you get it right, it almost feels unreal.

Steal …ahem… borrow. :jollyroger:

Usually this is where builders have fun coming up with one or two original ideas and then grab everything from somewhere else.

This is just how it is.


Sorry about the wall of text, but it just happened.:pir-murder:

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11 hours ago, Anders T said:

Broken down in themes a work process could be like this:




If you like links I can give you a lot of links I used for my research (e.g.):

  • Real life ships for detailed images of a historic ship


  • Ship Plans

On the right and bottom are menus for more


  • Tutorial and Knowledge


  • Google Searches

  • MOCs


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Thanks all for the great help! I looked at all the links they are of great help, sorry for not posting I was out of town for a week. I've been able to do some work though in the last couple of days:

48075167011_1291c129e1_c.jpgIMG_7460 by sebastiaan bijlsma, on Flickr 

i've recieved a bricklink order and did some interior details and tiled of most reddish brown parts,

48075205788_e428cb9c42_c.jpgIMG_7477 by sebastiaan bijlsma, on Flickr

also I angled the captains cabin, still not happy with how the side looks though.

48075166711_da3d34987c_c.jpgIMG_7476 by sebastiaan bijlsma, on Flickr

some work on the bottom.

48075270637_02eb84ea5f_c.jpgIMG_7482 by sebastiaan bijlsma, on Flickr

48075205673_6d206efb9f_c.jpgIMG_7485 by sebastiaan bijlsma, on Flickr

bow is coming along nicely, I've also removed some sloping towards the bow

48075166106_12e067491f_c.jpgIMG_7486 by sebastiaan bijlsma, on Flickr

lego canon for show (the supports next to the front masts are for when I am working on the underside and the ship is flipped)

48075269637_2a4dac9003_c.jpgIMG_7489 by sebastiaan bijlsma, on Flickr

srry for bad lighting btw, most pictures were taken while dark with artificial light 


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