Official Pirate Names (1989-1990 line)

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On ‎6‎/‎9‎/‎2019 at 5:06 PM, kelceycoe said:

Yes but on a mobile device it's hard to browse through. Unfortunately we are in a new era which means new technology and new ways of doing things. Indexes on a forum just aren't it.

Not to mention the links to brickset and brickfactory are broken, so verifying their appearances, listed on 2013, isn't a possibility.

I have tried fixing some of the links, but I can’t fix the links from image hosting sites that have gone bust.

I do still have the Word documents from when I originally made the lists, and the pictures in those are still intact if anyone is interested.

The list hasn’t been updated in years, and there has been some new material to add to it. Maybe we could all work together to improve and expand it.

Speaking of broken links, Kelceycoe, I tried taking a look at the scans of Bo’Sun Will’s Activity book on your site since I hadn’t seen it before, but the scans don’t work.

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I tried using the link you provided, but it still didn’t work. Although my brother tried it too, and it worked on his computer. So I guess it’s some sort of technical issue with my laptop.

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