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[Landspeeder][CAT C] - A Tight Bend

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Here is my entry for the Landspeeder Contest, Category C.

In the distant future they will gather on the Outer Rim planets for The Speeder Races. The rules don't exist and the prizes are enormous. Contestants equip themselves with stolen flyers, ex-imperial armour and nerves of steel...









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Just now, deraven said:

They should just calm down and exchange insurance info.  :laugh:

Well, yes...but you lose your no-claims bonus that way!

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8 hours ago, Reaper said:

How did they get in that in the first place :laugh:

Nice build!

Thanks! I could argue that it's some kind of forced perspective / optical illusion...but really I just found that if I left a big enough gap between the trees for two speeders to fit, the scene just looked too empty...or I'd have to use a bigger baseplate and a gazillion more bricks. But also, look at the Speeder Bikes on Endor. You'd have to have superhuman reflexes to fly through a forest that dense at that speed. So apparently it's a well known Star Wars skill!

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