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76119 New Batmobile 80th anniversary

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I just finished building the 80th anniversary Batmobile and it is a brilliant build for the money (£24.99).The thing has some real weight and bulk to it, I spaced out the rear wheels, to try and make it look less slab sided (it`s only real weakness) and I ditched the 2 printed engine intake tiles at the front and did new side intakes (which cancelled out the stud-shooters)..I am sorry the pictures aren't great but I only finished the build shortly before I head to work...any how this is a brilliant , nostalgic blend of Batmobiles from the past ..I love it!


47957474191_41818c9c7b_b.jpg20190529_101248 by kenny burns, on Flickr

47957438192_82d632731b_b.jpg20190529_102918-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr

47957481626_084ab6bf75_b.jpg20190529_102941-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr

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