Telerobotic android app RoboCam

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There is again a good telerobotics app for android called RoboCam.

You build a Mindstorm's EV3 robot and tape/glue on an android mobile.
The mobile connects with Bluetooth to EV3 and then with wifi to the internet.
It can then be remotely controlled from other countries from a mobile or computer in a browser.
Here is some collected info from their website about their app development.
Translate it with Google translate.

It is not in open source as CellBots was released in 2009.


The thing is now that I want to build so it can control a holonomic robot ie a robot with 3 omni wheels.
I encoded CellBots that was in Java 2014. See my movie.

Now my question is.
Can anyone give me some tips or help to fix a holonomic stearing of the RoboCam app?

I have asked those who made RoboCam on their site and they say that you should be able to do this with mailboxes.
See my discussion at the bottom of this page.

Anyone that can help me ?

Mr Magnus

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