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More information about the contest can be found in the general discussion topic.


Please take a careful look at the rules before posting in this topic. Each participant is obliged to create a post in this entry topic. Posts need to follow the rules stated below. Posts not following the rules will be disqualified so please read them carefully.


The entry post in this topic needs to contain:

  • Entry name
  • One or more images (max 3).  You can have combined pictures (4 in 1) as long as the picture isn't bigger than 1024x1024.
  • Embedded video (mandatory)
  • Link to your discussion topic


This topic should be used for entries only, so commenting is prohibited. Please use the general discussion topic for...well, general discussion on the contest, and individual discussion topics to comment on the individual entries.

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1. Martian Heavy Transporter


The model features:

- All-Wheel Drive (six XL-motors)

- Side steering

- Independent suspension

- Pallet loading/unloading system (two L-motors)



Now Mars colonization will be much easier! Of course, if we won't meet Martians...

Discussion topic: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/172017-tc16-martian-heavy-transporter/

Thanks for watching :)

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2. The Martian movie vehicle

640x360.jpg 640x360.jpg 640x360.jpg

4 x PF L for propulsion build in-wheels

1x PF L for compressor

1x PF M for steering

1x PF M for winch and crane

weight 2.77 kg

length 50 cm

width 33 cm

height 21 cm




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3. MPATEV 01 - Multi-purpose All-Terrain Exploration Vehicle



Drive: 2x Buggy motors
Steering: M-motor
Power: BuWizz v1
Additional functions:
-Openable canopy
-Access hatch via the "turkey horn"
-swappable attachments -> Exo suit transporter crane and Towing rescue hook

Discussion topic: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/172115-tc16-mpatev-01/


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4. EurobrX Martian Lander




  • Descent and ascent stages
  • Folding radars
  • Folding solar panels
  • Removeable top streamlining
  • All fuel tanks inside descent and ascent stages
  • Room for 2 astronauts
  • Working sluice
  • Folding landing legs
  • Openable cargo bays
  • Adjustable solar panels, steering system and pendular suspension on rover
  • Scientific equipment
  • 2 minifigures
  • Cameras

Discussion topic:


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5. Scarab




Video ...


6 wheel drive and 4 wheel steer Mars Rover, fully independent suspension with spotlights to aid in low light levels and a winch to help when the going gets tough (or for recovery). Seating up front for 2 drivers, with dual controls. Access steps to the rear. Solar panels on the roof to top up those batteries for longer missions. Colour scheme based upon 2019 City Space sets but with a Technic twist to the logo 😎

Tech Specs:

Power - PF Rechargeable Battery

Control - SBrick by Vengit

Drive - 2 x PF L motor

Steering - PF Servo motor

Lights - 2 x PF lights

Winch - 1 x PF M motor

Custom Stickers - "2019 City Space" style

Link to WIP thread ...



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6: Marsupial

Its only with the spirit of contest that I enter this here and not withdraw.

it is a failure. Time, different parts and a start all over could fix the problems but this is probably best kept to the realms of science fiction and not to be built in reality. My imagination got way ahead of my ability and reality.

it is supposed to be a heavy transport vehicle like no other. Well it is like no other no doubt.






more information on the failures here




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7. Hex rover


The Hex rover's prirmary mission goals are:

  • Travel across rough terrain using it's all wheel drive and rocker-bogie suspension
  • Use the claws to gather and pick up samples to look for suitable minerals
  • Launch the drone to create detailed aerial photographs and terrain readings
  • Take detailed spacial photographs using the high mounted 3D camera

This is the Rover in folded configuration. Note the massive radiator used to cool it's RTGs (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radioisotope_thermoelectric_generator).



With a confimed successfull landing, the mission begins:



You can find the Hex rover's development topic here:


And the video of the rover successfully demonstrating it's mission:


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8. Mobile Power Station


A vehicle capable of carrying several modules consisting of a base with stable and complex X-style outriggers, smooth tracks and a foldable array of solar panels.

With everything retracted, its rectangular shape allows it to easily be transported.

Full gallery: https://bricksafe.com/pages/kubic5/mars


Solar module:

- motorized synchronized movement of both outrigger stages, a complex mechanism explained in the discussion topic

- lifting and locking the solar panels

- rotating them

- extending via a scissor mechanism 

- joints with vertical freedom of movement

Tractor vehicle:

- interchangeable couplings with a gear rack

- simple winch

- cargo bay for battery cells

- opening doors and easy access to PF switch



The reason why this machine is needed on Mars in that it can easily set up a power source in remote areas. It is able to transport a solar module, which can survive a sandstorm thanks to its powerful outriggers, and then carry the energy in the battery cells. Its shape makes it possible to carry many of these at once while travelling to Mars.

Discussion topic and a simple video: 


Thank you for reading!

Edited by kubic

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9. Mars Interceptor

(Air/space superiority fighter)

Lego Technic (TC16) Mars Interceptor

EurobrX engineers have been reached by MDF (mars defence force) to help developed a space craft to help defend Mars.. Since Mars is next door to the asteroid belt..  Meteors are Mars biggest threats and every day a few as big as 1000 miles get close by....   EurobrX Engineers mix a dash of DNA of B-52 , A-10 and some how DNA from a X-wing Fighter !!!


This set repersents EurobrX dual 2 position flight controls which the dual rockets are tied to the rudder and elevators and using Lego PF Leds to give the flames from lego city BBQ set (new) and its gives the model a real looking rocket blast!!!  There are 2 cargo bay doors and two lifts (top and gun mount inside bomb bay) landing gears and details using snot... (not nose grease)  since this is the first prototype for the MDF .. Captain Jim version of the ship sports a two tone blue paint racing strips. This version 5 of my shuttles fleet!!!  If you asked me.. this set looks good!!!!  Lego Technic (TC16) Mars Interceptor



Lego Technic (TC16) Mars Interceptor

Beautiful cleans lines and a uses of panels and farings is only around 500 parst count and its almost as big as the Lego 42025 Cargo Plane!!!  you can eveing mount the shuttle on top of the cargo plane 



You got to watch the end of the video!!

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