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[Landspeeder] [Cat A] U8-3R

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Hi all,

this is my creation for the Landspeeder contest..

His name is U8-3R and is not only a speeder driven by a droid.. the speeder itself is the droid and the robotic torso is mounted and connected by a wire... is a hybrid fusion by a machine with... another machine....

this speeder was created to have an automatic transport system during the Empire era and can be used by officers and troops for reach various location and base... but it can allow the "touristic" function and the piblic transport...

46961396695_5a22b07e47_b.jpgU8-3R by Rusty B.

47825489572_5650895f8f_b.jpgU8-3R by Rusty B.

The shape is like a sidecar, with a main speederbike driven by the mechanical droid torso, and the passenger cockpit with an openable glass dome..

there are two laser cannon for protect the passengers and an headlight.. an ntenna on the back for data transmission and the green light for show the speeder's aviability 

46961396625_9e2d55d5df_b.jpgU8-3R by Rusty B.

the glass dome can be opened and inside there are two confortable seats for passengers

32933423157_ae41b93b10_b.jpgU8-3R by Rusty B.

the space inside the dome is enough to fit two minifig with hat or helmet and the glass easly slide from open to close to open

46961396555_be0277fe44_b.jpgU8-3R by Rusty B.

next to the pilot droid there is an holographic control screen and inside the passenger cockpit there is an holographic Emperor avatar as interactive tourist guide

32933423017_4a83927299_b.jpgU8-3R by Rusty B.

the dome can be closed with inside the two minifig and the Emperor hologram activated

46961396465_eb04a28df0_b.jpgU8-3R by Rusty B.

behind the laser cannons there are the computers and they are the brain of the entire speeder... the droid torso is only an avatar to allow the use of mechanical function of the speeder because the speeder was created for a human use and adapted with a droid brain afterward

32933422687_6d9e0fec28_b.jpgU8-3R by Rusty B.

the holographic control screen show a map or data about passengers

46961396285_1d157e6738_b.jpgU8-3R by Rusty B.

behind the seats there are space for the passengers baggage, like a suitcase or blaster rifle

32933422267_724c2a5495_b.jpgU8-3R by Rusty B.

46961396065_a73351b951_b.jpgU8-3R by Rusty B.

the holographic Emperor avatar let the passengers to have communication with the imperial bases or can be used as a virtual assistant or touristic guide

32933421777_d1a2cfac90_b.jpgU8-3R by Rusty B.

46961395845_24517c4e72_b.jpgU8-3R by Rusty B.

32933421287_0862ac0610_b.jpgU8-3R by Rusty B.

the passenger seats can be reclined to access to the baggage space

the render of LDD is not perfect with colors... the main body is in metallic silver and the exhaust of the speeder is in flat silver and the flexible hose in in light gray.. I've used only existing parts in existing colors


I hope you like this creation and good luck to all for the contest!



without change any part and mantaining the clean look, theese are the possible combinations of color:

34004022608_df260b81f6_b.jpgU8-3R by Rusty B.

Edited by Rustinidiel

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Love the use of that dome! 

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