Jeroen Ottens

Can someone help with recolouring LEGO parts?

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This is the first post I make on this forum, so let me start by introducing myself. My name is Jeroen Ottens and I work part time as a professional LEGO Technic designer in my own company. My customers typically want me to design and build the car they own for them. I now have a customer that wants me to build a Lamborghini Aventador like this one:


The colour is officialy called Azzurro Thetys Metallic. There are only a few colours in the LEGO palette that come close to this colour and they are only availble in a very limited selection of parts. So I am thinking of designing this car in white and then find someone to recolour the white parts to azzurro thetys metallic. Most of the parts will be technic panels, tiles, plates and curved slopes. If possible I'd like to use flexaxles in the design as well, but if the recouloring is not possible on flexible elements I will design the car without them.

If anyone is interested in doing such a job for me please send me a PM.

If the mods think this is the wrong forum to post, please feel free to move this post to a more appropriate forum.

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Posted (edited)

Since you are looking for metallic parts „chromebricks“ might be able to help you. He... chromes bricks. There are actually more than one company which chromes, but I dont remember their names.



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