[moc] Final Fantasy Cloud Finrir

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Hi all

Here is my latest MOC for the final fantasy cloud fenrir. The Fenrir is Cloud Strife's personal motorcycle in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children onwards. The bike is a three-wheeled (two paired up in front and one in the rear) motorized vehicle with extraordinary maneuvering capabilities and with a combination of polished black metal over brushed gold mechanics. On either side of the front tires is an expandable compartment that fits all pieces of the Fusion Swords, and/or the sword's fully completed form. Hope you guys love it!


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13 hours ago, Kio Liex said:

That is fantastic. Great MOC. Will you be making a Cloud figure?

That's a great idea. But I think is hard to make a if I just use technic part XD

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