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From left to right: Oldtown, King's Landing, Highgarden, Casterly Rock, Riverrun, the Eyrie, and Winterfell.

I wanted to do a Lego Architecture Skyline of the seats of powers of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.  Unfortunately, not all of them have been seen in the show.  So Oldtown subbed in for Sunspear and King's Landing subbed in for Storm's End.



After reviewing the entire build, I streamlined the parts usage to be more affordable and created instructions, which can be accessed here for anyone who might be interested.  You can also find me on Instagram @BenBuildsLego.


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You should update King‘s Landing :D

This is an incredible build! Thanks for sharing the instruction. I love the skyline sets and yours fits right in. Nice work!

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Looks great. Very interesting at this scale.

I know they aren't the seats of the kingdoms, but I'd add in castle black/the wall, and Pyke for notable locations.


But looks great. Kudos

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