[Polybag] Shark Army Angler's Remote Control Junk

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Here is my NinjaGO-fied version of LEGO Friends "Olivia's Remote Control Boat" into "Shark Army Angler's Remote Control Junk" polybag:


Instead of going around a pond, Angler's is at the NinjaGO City Docks and the remote control can make it "rock" as if hitting the waves.

The Friends 30403 polybag looks like this:



My new version has 26 or 27 parts and Olivia's has 25 (+ spares).  I bought and reviewed Olivia's last year and liked the boat's snot build and the overall concept of a polybag representing an activity.

Hope you like Shark Army Angler's boat ... she left her mace at army HQ today, so you're lucky! :shark:


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