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Hey there,

I found a few nice ships on Flickr, I wanted to share with you.

First a byrding from Flickr member Silmaril_1. A small trading vessel for shallow waters.



This viking boat was built by Pascal. It seems to be the result of a contest, where you had to use the yellow arch at least 8 times.


Following ships with nice brick-built sails are both from Simon Pickard.

A Spanish galleon:

And a French frigate:

I must highly recommend to visit Brick to the Past,where you can see more work of him and some other dedicated builders.


I'm also waiting for the permission to post another ship. As soon as it is granted, I will add it.

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All are impressive, but I especially like the looks of the Spanish galleon. I'm always floored how those brick built hulls are made. :#

Thanks for the finds... got any more?



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flickr-member James Pegrum also builds some nice ships.
Here are a few examples, I'd recommend to look through his photostream, if you are interested in british history:

The Mayflower:

An early medieval ship:

Various MOCs:

The HMS Beagle with some phenomenal sceneries:
16465475091_428cb262d2_n.jpg 15799353144_66e27eeb39_n.jpg 16179584088_11cb05b3ee_n.jpg

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Thank you for sharing with us these discoveries !

The Beagle is really impressive... *huh*

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