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Professor Thaum

[Mystery Island 7] Examination subjects

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Gunpowder Island, nowadays or perhaps is it later. Who knows...


Dr Thaum : Gunpowder Island, her we are ! Did you travel well my dear Iauln ?

Iauln : Sure Doctor, Groaar is a skilled mount !


Dr Thaum : Put your sword aside Callaghan, and stop worrying about Groaar !

Groaar : Grooooaaaargh !!!

Callaghan : That's not normal Doctor!! That's not normal !

Dr Thaum : You're a bonehead Callaghan !


Dr Thaum : Thanks Groaar, you may leave and wait for our return on high sea

Iauln : Doctor, we noticed no lava flow ! Isn't it strange ?

Dr Thaum : Indeed, my little man ! Callaghan, moor the exocet away of that beach please.


Callaghan : Noises in the vegetation doctor, something's coming


Beast : Gloogloogloogloogloo

Callaghan : Aaaaah !!! Doctor, what this thing ?!

Thing : Glooglooglooglooglooo

Dr Thaum : Errrr, it's a Gloogloo Callaghan ! A Glooglootus Gigas !

Callaghan : You sure ?

Dr Thaum : Sure I'm sure !


Callaghan : Two !! They are two, help !

Dr Thaum : You're a bonehead Callaghan !!

Gloogloos : Gloogloogloogloogloogloogloo

Iauln : Doctor, there is something that is scaring the gloogloos, look at them !

Dr Thaum : You're right my boy...



Iauln : Waaap, Gosh !

Monster : WAUGH !!!

Callaghan : Another giant thing !!! By Jove, this island is haunted !

Dr Thaum : Don't be stupid Callaghan, it is just a giant banana searching for its bunch ! But it is putting my gloogloos off !!! That's a scandal !!

Callaghan, go get me my examination subjects back please ! And bring me my blunderbuss !


Banana : WAAAUGH !


Iauln : He's hunting the Gloogloos !!

Dr Thaum : The other side Callaghan !! The gloogloos went the other way !



bonus pics tomorrow


C&C welcome as usual !


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Strange things continue on this island :thumbup:

Those GlooGloos - just lovely :laugh:

And the banana mutant! :pir-laugh:

Good job, Professor!

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Aren't you sure this isn't another far fetched story a drunken sailor narrates between drinks????? :roflmao:

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