Coming out of Dark Age ! Cheers from Portugal

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Hello ladies and gents !

Life finally caught up and here I am, out of that cold, dark age and ready to spend money!

Hope everyone is doing alright, and also hopping to share knowledge and friendship across the forum

My favourite theme is absolutely Legoland classic from 80's and 90's, which interestingly is now catalogued as City and Legoland is now catalogued as the previous period of the 70's, haven't figured out why this happened in this 20/30-ish years :D

My other fav theme is Technic, I've already bought some cheap old sets and my kid also loves them.

I'm also a fan of Space classic but I never had one, so that's on my plans. I love the "old" Starwars trilogy films but that's where it ends, no love for the new episodes and maybe Lego Starwars will wait a couple more years, my plan now is to buy my first Lego Train ever as soon as I find a good deal.

Cheers from Portugal \o/

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Welcome to Eurobricks! :laugh:

Good luck finding your train!

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Posted (edited)

Thank you both for support, had a large post written but lost it while multi-bidding this afternoon on eBay and yes, I lost the best set and instead bought some other semi-interesting ones.


News are sparse but good, I actually managed not one but 3 great deals on this little misb cargo fella, alongside with the birthday gift of my missus' that will become her first Lego set ever, hope she likes it.





Now the worst problem will be waiting 3 weeks for the opening of the surprise in Children's Day.  :cry3:

So in order to appease the gods my kids were also blessed with some love :wub:




Been looking into becoming a small BrickLink reseller and wondering if it's possible to be a fan and an investor at the same time but something deep down tells me that it's not :)


But then, after all these emotions, yesterday night when I finally laid my head down in bed it struck me like lightning, right in the middle of my soul:



 I should've been saving for the monorail


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