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Legoland City

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indexed.gif Layout

I have being working on providing a way of viewing the evolution / degeneration of my minifigs' capital "Legoland City" and here it is in mostly thumbnail-link form.

I hope to use this page to provide updates on the changing face of the city over the next year.

Latest Pictures (April 2008)


More Pictures of Legoland City from April 2008

Evolution - To be updated

Note: thumbnails below open in a new window

2008-01-march.png 2007-02-february.png 2007-01-january.png



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That´s a very huge and impressive layout with many buildings in different and interesting styles. A big and wonderful city indeed. :cry_happy:

And a nice background story too.... an imperial republic, huh? Well, your white government palace looks very fitting indeed. :thumbup:

Your whole site´s well made too, although it would be nice to be able to see the pics a little bigger, just for all these neat details....

I´m looking forward to your videos! A great project for sure! :classic:

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