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"Sir, we don't have the firepower."

"Use the Scout Walkers!" -Imperial comm intercept


The Variable Terrain Scout Transport is the first walker in the Variable Terrain family. Originally, the head of the walker was meant to be placed on an Imperial armored vehicle (currently a still on-going project) as a turret; however, the turret was deemed unsuitable with the vehicles designed (though it could still be used as a turret), so it was decided to use it in a pint-sized scout walker. With this in mind, inspiration was taken from the 2016 AT-ST in regards to the legs. The overall design is similar, albeit shrunk to about half the size in most of its proportions. I'm satisfied overall with the design, though as a cockpit for a walker, I find the controls a bit lacking (as I'd prefer a bit more); I also wanted the twin cannons in front to be able to articulate up and down like the AT-ST, but I thought it was low enough to not matter much (as well as having the side armament compensate a bit for this)- due to its connection method, the twin cannons can be modified with bars and clips to articulate, similar to the ones on the VT-IT.

Th VT-ST is armed with twin heavy blaster cannons, as well as a missile launcher on each side, all in a fixed forward position. It is also equipped with a grenade launcher on either side that can articulate in multiple directions, as well as a short range comm antenna.

33574768668_c9f064f569.jpgSW Imperial VT-ST #1 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr

47397997932_5b50cfe3d8.jpgSW Imperial VT-ST #2 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr

47397997892_286330373a.jpgSW Imperial VT-ST #3 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr

46018613814_5c60858010.jpgSW Imperial Turret #1 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr

46743310101_c0fdc2f589.jpgSW Imperial Turret #2 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr

39778000393_bef44aec84.jpgSW Imperial Turret #4 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr

The cockpit, as a consequence of its origin as a turret, is equipped with a joystick control, a holotransmitter, and a control panel.

31801700407_0ce2554279.jpgSW Imperial Turret #3 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr


The VT-ST is the mainstay of the Variable Terrain line, and they make up the bulk of the various VT models assigned to Imperial units in the field. Although Brickthana Engineering hoped its VT line could be a competitive alternative to All Terrain family, various issues from production problems to under-performance (among others) hampered its chances, and Brickthana eventually accepted its current place, and began focusing on smaller and more well-defined and in-depth projects.


If you want to build this for yourselves, here's the instructions:

As usual, any feedback would be much appreciated :classic:

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