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Hey all,

So I'm bored while I'm waiting for my finances to improve to the point where I can continue work on a few projects, and I pass a lot of that time doing research or playing in LDD instead of working on my college degree.  I recently fell in love with a painting of HMS Warrior, and decided to try and build something Warrior-esque in LDD.  I'm really not liking what I've got so far for the bow, though, and was wondering if anybody could point me to an existing MOC that has a raked/clipper bow which I could draw inspiration from/steal.  I'd like the ship to reach 18 studs in width, and I'm planning on a brick built waterline hull as the prefab hulls are nowhere near a clipper bow (and I've never seen one with a black/yellow/red color scheme).

Anybody got anything?

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Haven’t thought much about it, but here are three quick ideas:

Brick built with snot (use different slopes to change the angle:

A combination of curved 6x1 inverted slopes and 6x2 inverted wedges.

shrinking the size and using the 10x12x1 bow. The clipper has a more modern bow shape, you’d be copying TLC’s take on it. You might want to do this anyway... she’s SUPER thin, even with a 12 stud beam the length would still be at least 80 studs (which is pretty huge)

PS we’re talking about this HMS Warrior right?


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@kurigan I thought I remembered you making something along those lines, but I couldn't remember which ones, and the website search feature is kind of annoying.  The Cutty Shark is a bit more than what I'm after (and lacks good closeups of the hull), but I agree is absolutely gorgeous.  I can see why you prefer brick built hulls now, if that's what inspired you.  It makes me wonder if I would too if the ship that inspired me had used one as well.

I've always loved your smaller ships, Bumblebee in particular, but I have a bit of concern about their stability.  The bricks are all stressed, right?  In looking over the thread, we actually briefly talked about doing this on a larger scale, and in LDD.  I think that would take an absurd amount of time, and while that's kind of the point, it's a bit more than I really want to spend for a ship I probably won't build.  If I could make a Bumblebee style hull in a larger scale, though, I would be quite happy with it.  I may try it anyway.

I should mention, I actually plan to have redcoat and bluecoat fleets, and someday harbors for both, plus a harbor and fleet for pirates (all a long way from completion).  At the moment the bluecoats have the 18-gun Thunderchild and two smaller 6-gun ships, at least one of which I plan to break up and make into another 18-gun ship similar to Thunderchild (though with a slightly lighter build and different deck armament).  For the redcoats I have two of the 2011 Imperial Flagships, and plan a paddlewheel steamer with a very similar build to the Flagships.  While significantly weaker than the bluecoats in terms of firepower, I figure the ability to move against the wind will be its own significant advantage (I may give them another ship at some point as well).  So I kinda thought of this Warrior-esque ship as an answer to their steamer some day.

@TomSkippy I appreciate the suggestion, but it's a bit brick-ier than I'd like.  I may fiddle with it, though, and see if I can make it into something better suited to what I'm after.  You do have the correct Warrior, though.  The painting which really inspired me was this one: which is an absolutely gorgeous paining that I can't seem to find for sale anywhere. :cry3:


This is what I have in terms of attempts so far.  The center one is far too brick-y, with the steps between each piece being far bigger than I'd like.  The far one has the knife look that I'd like, but I don't like the large gap between the hinge plates.  The near one is pretty good in terms of shape, but it would be really really long if I tried to take it out to 18 studs.  I'm probably going to have to narrow the hull considerably and try staggering the guns, in all honesty.  I also don't really like the three gaps in each brick.

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@Robin_IV Well, that's the Cutty Shark that Kurigan referenced, but this actually does help as I didn't notice the link on the page Kurigan linked.  Sorry, Kurigan.  This actually does give me some ideas.  Thanks guys :-)

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