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[MOC] Speeder Bike - Trenner

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Breaking all the rules. :tongue:
I found more than 12 of those brick separators when tidying my build table. Not to mention the box I already have and all the others.
So I built a speeder. I like speeder bikes. I like using weird parts to build with and making odd connections with the little elements. I also love to combine a bright colour "chassis" with greys/silvers as the mechanical parts.


The technic cross axle peg was vital, as it provided an actual connection to the separator that was viable. Everything else connects to it. This was plenty of fun to build, playing around with connections.

The name is a nod to the seed element of this build.

Comments etc are welcome :sweet:

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3 hours ago, Retro said:

So is the pilot a 'separatist'

:grin: Indeed they are. I was tempted to call it a "separatist speeder" but thought it might get confused with Star Wars :wink:


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