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[LDD MOC] Ninjago - Reimagining of Zane´s Snowmobile

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I´ve never been the biggest fan of oversized motorcycles in Lego sets (i´m looking at you, various Ninjago sets and especially 2019 Captain America Cycle!) so i decided to shake things up a bit and reimagine the weird bike/snowmobile thingy from the recent Ninjago set 70667 into some sort of hotrodded Ice Trike.
I tried using most of the parts that are characteristic to the original build and/or get stickers.
What do you think of this remoddeling? Better or worse than the original?



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I love the design on the front, but personally I would put a little more of the transparent medium blue into it? It adds a nice ice looking effect, even if it was two cheese slopes positioned at alternate angles on the rocky wedge, or making the wedge that shade. Maybe swapping the blue for a lighter or silver shade?

But then, I do love the ice look they give, so it is all just an opinion.

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