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[BSBA] Cat A: Benny's Asteroid Grabber Truck

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After Emmett made it through the crystal asteroid field, Benny realized that he could modify the 60059 logging truck to grab the crystals to use for decorations in the newly reunited Bricksburg.

My entry to the Benny's Spaceship Building Academy contest is a bit simple, and was done using LDraw because I still don't have my full parts collection with me at college. Unfortunately, the only sets I have lying around are a space shuttle and a TIE fighter...

Anyway, here's my rather zany-looking entry:

Original set image (from Brickset):


Main image:


More images:






Please let me know if the images I attached are too big or if the files are messed up; the post editor is different from what I last remembered

The LDraw File will be in this Brickshelf gallery, when public:

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Posted (edited)

I have no idea what is wrong with the photos; they somehow look fine on my end logged in and logged out on multiple devices, although given that I used brickshelf this doesn't surprise me. I was busy graduating from college so I just saw this message.

Edited by blueshift12

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