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Hi Guys

I've started a new subreddit

Mainly to discuss differences about Lego Stores from around the world and also a place for people to post pictures/videos of their local Lego Stores.

So if your a member of reddit and want to join the discussion, head there.

Which is your favorite lego store?


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Thanks for the heads up!  Very interesting!

I'm doing something similar, but with other LEGO Retailer items as well... I have expanding my LEGO computer desktop guide chapter on LEGO Retailers, retailer shop windows, retailer glued display items, LEGO display stands and signage, and LEGO retailer documentation... from the years 1949 to the present.  This is for my Unofficial LEGO Sets/Parts Collectors Guide (2800 pages).

Here are some of the interesting older LEGO retailer displays (before the time LEGO company stores came out)...

1955 Swedish (first year of LEGO in Sweden) sales kiosk in a department store in Göteburg Sweden...



Copenhagen Goldschmidt & Chrome Departments Store LEGO window, December 1959....



USA Samsonite LEGO Window... Detroit J. L. Hudsons Department Store... 1961.



LEGO display stand... from a LEGO retailer catalog page.... 1959.



Samsonite LEGO model shop Detroit... 1962.



USA LEGO Retailer promotion 1975...



USA LEGO display... 1967...



1960 Odense Denmark LEGO display window....


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