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Hi Everyone!

So, a little about me? I'll be 50 in a few months.

I finally bought fully into Lego again with the Technic 8290. I own three to this day. Love that design and that kit.

Made my first Bricklink order around 2008. Made my last order last week. I'm a Lego VIP (yahoo!)

Favorite Lego Technic Sets:

8263 Technic Snow Groomer

any Technic small scale construction set (I own them all in studless since the 8290 including tracking down an 8270 before the prices skyrocketed), and the 8047 because the B model fits the small scale theme

42008 Service Truck

42035 B Model (which set my sights on the 42069)

42069 Extreme Adventure (saving this build for maximum enjoyment!)

42077 Rally Car (I like it, but I don't think I can leave it alone....bricklink is my friend)

In Lego system 1, I buy sporadically, sometimes for the design, and many times for MOC parts. Favorite Lego System 1 Theme is 2014 Arctic. Love most of the kits, and own them except the ship and the airplane. Have plans for the Arctic Theme down the road. Bought all of the 2018 Arctic Release to incorporate parts into the 2014 version.

Lego Themes I wish I had all of:

Tiny Turbos. Could not afford all of what I was buying at the time.

One of the Lego Space's hard to pick as there are so many good things about each release.

Things I plan to change in my Lego experiences:

I am going to be buying, or building, a few Town vehicles--maybe as a reimagined MOC. Some of those later town kits are so nostalgic that I can't decide to keep it real or reimagine them in my moc-style.

Creator: Parts house.

Hero Factory/Bionicle: mostly Hero Factory. Might be the first theme I will complete.

Busy busy bee here!



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Thanks for the welcomes. I didn't want to say too much or too little.

I use LeoCAD, and I noticed you guys have an amazing file selection. I was wanting to build the 7242 off of BL, and figured I would make a 3D file. I also noticed that it doesn't seem to show up in the ldr section.

So...who would I talk with about contributing the forum and building the 7242 in my LeoCAD and generating an ldr for the site? Or am I not finding the 7242 because my searches are off? Has anyone done an ldr for the 7242?

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Welcome to Eurobricks buddy.

Thanks for joining us here.

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