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Hi everyone. Those who follow me on Flickr have probably already seen the beginnings of this project. To celebrate Batman's 80th anniversary this year I made a series of 12 vignettes that spotlight his most famous villains. Then, to top it off, I made a GCPD building which was added on top of the assembled models

Below you'll find the Imgur album


Sewer Smackdown- Nightwing and Red Hood vs Killer CrocCold Hearted- Batwoman vs Mr FreezeChiroptophobia- Robin vs Man-Bat and ScarecrowQuestion Time- Red Robin and Spoiler vs Killer Moth and The RiddlerSionis IndustriesChamber of the DemonGoing Green- Catwoman vs Poison IvyThe Last Laugh- Batman vs The JokerFlightless Feud- Batgirl vs The PenguinFace-lift- Azrael vs Firefly and Two-FaceOpening Curtain- Black Bat vs ClayfaceThe Gotham Subway

Thank you for your time :classic:

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