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The Lone Wolf

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Conrad met many interesting people in his life so far. Most of them become his allies, few of them his enemies. But there is only a handful of them, who has remarkable stories, how they joined, to the Wolf Brigade. This is their stories:


This is the story of Boris, the Houndmaster.



  Conrad was happy like a child. After many years of only hearing about the most famous bounty hunter on this side of the Rakath Mountains, he finally meets him. Boris acquired quite a fame during his long working years. It says if you want to get rid of someone, the hardest part, to find Boris. After that, you can rest assure, cause Boris always finds his target.

- I told you, boy! - grumbled the old bounty hunter to Conrad. - I'm not interested in your boy scouts team. Sod off!


Conrad didn't intend to give up that easy. If he could recruit the old man, his mercenary army can be more reliable. A famous person in their ranks, he needs to break his stubbornness.

- But Boris. Your name is known for decades. But let's face it, you grew old. There will be a day when you won't be able to complete your task, and your fame will pass away. - Conrad grabbed his cape and pulled it. cause a tree branch was stuck on it. - If you join us, you don't have to hunt alone anymore. We can provide you intel, gear, manpower. Whatever you need.

- I'm never hunting alone! - said Boris, and pointed to his two hounds. - They always at my side. They are loyal, never whining for a share. - he stopped and looked back to Conrad's escort. - Like most of the humans.

- But... - Conrad wasn't able to continue, Boris raised his finger to his mouth signaling to be quiet. Then pointed to one of his hounds.

  The dog was motionless, her ears were raised, sniffing in the air. The other dog did the same. They were listening to a bush, a very suspicious bush. And then at the same time. The dogs charged to the bush and a shadowy figure jumped out and started running away from the pursuers.


- Hah! I knew it! - Boris followed his hounds. - No one escapes from me. I don't need any help, especially from you boy!

- We shall see it... - said Conrad in a lower voice, while smiled. Then ordered his men, to follow Boris.


  The pursuit didn't last for long. The wanted person quickly climbed up to a tree, with cats agility. The hounds followed and started barking at the tree. Soon, the others arrived.


- Alright, come down. You can't escape. - shouted up Boris to the top of the tree.

- We will see about that! - said the runaway in a female voice. Woah, the old man didn't see that coming. With that said, the woman continued her escape, by jumping to a tree to tree.

- As you wish! - Boris puts a bolt in his crossbow and lifts it. - You will be good as dead. - and he aimed.


But he was old, as Conrad mentioned earlier. He tried to focus on the women, but she was faster. He scratched his eyes and lifted his crossbow again to shoot, but it didn't help. The woman was a blurred point now. The old man put down his weapon and looked to the smiling Conrad. He was angry.

- Alright, alright! - shouted to him. - Don't just smile there, and help me get her down here!

- Aaaand? - asked Conrad with a bigger smile.

Conrad was victorious once more: - Alright Scarlet, we got him! - shouted to the woman. For Boris surprise, the women stopped and started jumping back. She arrived at the tree, where she started and jumped down.

- What the hell? What is the meaning of this, answer me! - he was completely lost.

- Calm down, darling. - the women asked nicely, while she removed the hood. She has a scar across her face. Then she turned to Conrad: - Did it worked? Is he with us?

- Not yet. But he said, if I get you down here, he will reconsider my offer.


- Oh, you son of a ... - a loud bird tweeted not far away. - You tricked me! It was all your plan, isn't it?

- Your mind is sharp as ever. - said Conrad, and reached for a pouch of coin, to pay Boris. - She is Scarlet. She works for us too. - the women bowed. - This was the only way to meet with you. I still ask you to come and be part of our army. Now you admit it too, you need some help, and we also need you.

Boris looked at Conrad. If you could kill someone by looking... He took the money and grumbled something, then whistled to his hounds and left the mercenaries.

- Is this is a yes? - Asked Conrad with hope in his voice.

- As I said. - Boris didn't turn back, to answer him. - I will reconsider it.

- You know where to find us! - shouted Conrad.

Boris stopped and turned back. He also smiled:

- I always find who I'm looking for...


Bonus picture: the forest scene.




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Nice story.  The trees are interesting with the plates on them.  Good looking figs too.  

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I like these SNOT trees better than the ones for Zan's story, and I think you did a good job of mixing a bit of dark brown here and there. The greens and browns are nicely used, but if I were to make a suggestion, it would be to have more flowers in the undergrowth, but only in a few colors (like the red and yellow you already have there, just bigger patches); this would lend some brightness and vivacity to the build without affecting the brown and green balance. Again, it is fun to read about more of Conrad's crew, and the action is always well-illustrated. 

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Awesome!  I really like the new trees you're trying.  I think the studs out kind of looks like bark, and mixing these in with some of your other trees helps add some variety to the woods (I find it also saves on bricks).  The mini posing is great as usual, and the story flows well.  I like the understory in the forest, especially the dark green and brown.  I see little changes here and there in your building style, and I think the builds are becoming more appealing/realistic (not that the ones before were unappealing, just that little changes here and there smooth things out to the eye).  I like the mushroom, reeds, and even the rabbit there!  Nice job!

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All right :thumbup: The trees are looking better than before, though still a bit too squared, which looks unnatural. On the other hand, they're perfect if you wanted to go for some sort of minimalist style. Nice story and nice to read more about Conrad's gang.

Oh and this cracked me up: '- Oh, you son of a ... - a loud bird tweeted not far away.'  :iamded_lol::iamded_lol:

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Thanks to the comments guys. I needed taller trees, to Scarlet made her escape. Sadly, still not have more green leaves to make a thicker forest. maybe for one or two trees. But it's good to hear, many of you like this tree design, I will try to perfect it more.

For the final backstory, you have to wait. If it is true, and a new book3 challenge will come in May, I want to focus on that. And after that, You can read how Scarlet joined to them. Don't want to spoil everything, but maybe it will have mature content. :D 

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Very cool forest scene, you've definitely made some improvements from your previous landscapes and trees :thumbup:

Fun and clever story too!

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