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RENFE 252 V2

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I have the pleasure to present a Rework of my first MOC 


After several years I had to redesign a locomotive with more bricks, more length and more realism and more functions


Length: 58studs

Wide: 7 studs

Weight: 1050g

Pieces: around 1200-1300

Motor: 9v motor  +  PF train motor linked with a PF extensión wire







This Scheme is famous by the Big locomotive series and number painted on sides, I could put a vinyl sticker but I decided to go further and make all lettering with pieces with all limitations of this




More details



Grill effect using Dark gray and DBG



This locomotive is not going to run in R40 as is ridiculous due the length, but is necessary to me to run trough Lego switches so, boguie has all front attached to pass without problems trough them.






I used custom lightning using SMD leds and coil wire to include realist lights with no pieces modification. And also I included a LIPO battery with USB charging, all inside the locomotive







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Impressive. Those numbers on the sides are brilliant. And overall it looks great. Nice techniques used for the windows e.g. As I said: Impressive.

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That's a piece of art my friend, that "252.086" made only with parts, is my favorite highlight.
Now i need to extend my Talgo 4 to 7wide to look good with your Siemens.

Once again, Great Work!

Saludos! :)

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Good lord!! I’m still soaking up the details and enjoying your build. I wasn’t aware the numbers were brick-built the first time I looked, but they show some serious skills and imagination. The overall size and operating features add up to make this an impressive build. Love it!! :classic:

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Seriously good work on this Spanish locomotive. The sides are impressive and the features top notch.

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