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[MOC] Ninjago - My Samurai Mech

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I really love the 2019 Ninjago Legacy sets, but the Samurai Mech is sadly an exception.Not many details, little articulation and not much to look at.
I bought the set anyway because i like the minifigures and i planned on beefing this thing up a little bit.
Have a look at the new Samurai Mech with improved articulation and more details. Like the original, i got inspired by the iconic samurai armor.
The skeleton of the mech made from the mech frame piece (introduced with the Nexo Knights Battle Suits) and Mixels balljoints as limbs.
These are covered with various layers of bricks to make it look like a heavy armored samurai.
Because of the somewhat bulky arms and legs, articulation is still a bit limited but the mech can be posed without problems and it´s well balanced.








Check out additional and bigger images in this flickr album link:


Hope you like my design, comments are always welcome.

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Dang that looks real good. I need to photograph my version as well. 

What parts did you use for the front cover?

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