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[MOC] Truck with inner loader

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Hi everyone,

This is a new  project I am/was working on.

I build an trailer capable to load high objects. For now it’s finished but I am not that pleased with the looks.








In Dutch it’s called a “Binnenlader” as far as I know in English it “Innerloader”.

It’s used to transport high objects like prefabbed walls.  

Some transporters use this kind of trailer to have 2 loading floors (Double Deck Trailers).

The bottom of the trailer is very low to the ground. The trailer can be loaded by crane but it is also possible to load a carrier that can be loadand unloaded by the trailer.

The carrier can be separated from the trailer. This is done by lowering the trailer, open the tailgate, and drive forward leaving the carrier standing.


33611443078_bce93b1e58_b.jpg by






My model automatically opens and closes the back door when the trailer is moving down or upwards. Don’t think is done with a real trailer but I wanted to make it remote controlled with as less motors possible. I was able to only use 1 motor.

Have a look at the video and photo's:.






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That's pretty cool, I've actually seen a trailer like this on Youtube, in full size. Langendorf is one company that makes these, they are called, in English, inloader trailers. binnenlader actually translates more as sliding drawer, which actually works pretty well as a name.

Now, looking at the model, I thought for sure the moveable gooseneck was a solution for the model only, but looking at the real machine, it appears that it has a moveable gooseneck as well, so that's a nice catch, and a great detail. I also like how you managed to get all of the motions to work with a single motor.

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Cool concept! It rides pretty fast too. Well done!

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