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Interrim challenge: The Pilots' Association Racing Cup, Era II - RESULTS POSTED

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Write-ups were a highlight, I could barely read them given I couldn’t stand the suspense and wanted to see the results.

Sigh, Johnny’s ships didn’t win, but hopefully they fair better on the open seas. Glad the Golden got some gunnery practice in.

I probably shouldn’t have mocked Poseidon in an earlier thread :pir-grin:

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Oh @TomSkippy, you never mock Poseidon! It didn't work well for Odysseus...

I am very happy with the results. This was a great challenge, just perfect for BOBS. Thanks, in particular, @Capt Wolf for the write-ups. A random number generator was never so compelling!

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Due to inclement weather, the race between the three class champions has been postponed to tomorrow. (OOC: I forgot to do this last night and don't have time today! :pir_wacko:)

I'm glad folks have enjoyed the write-ups.

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6 hours ago, Ross Fisher said:

Is there any word on when the competition will end? Looking forward to the after party! 

My bad in part. I still have to do the final race. But we also need to set up voting for the builds themselves. A lot of people seem to be away at the moment.

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Am I the only one reading these write-ups in the inner voice of a horse-race-announcer? :pir-grin:

These write-ups have been absolutely brilliant, and not just because my ships have been doing well :pir-wink:

Absolutely outstanding work, @Capt Wolf!

(And I will now take a quick write-up of the rules and get you all a voting thread. Sorry for the delay)

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After a week of partying in the pubs of Alexport, the winners of the different class competitions were finally ready to determine an overall champion vessel and crew for the inaugural PA Cup. The class 1 winner was the Orion, an Oleon pilot boat with leeboards. Perhaps it is best to describe it as a yawl, as it is fore-and-aft rigged, and its mizzenmast is much smaller than its mainmast. The class 2 winner was the Jinn, a Corrish two-masted dhow captained by a mysterious gentleman – some say privateer – in a bowler hat. The class 3 winner was the Aqua Fina, a ship that for all the world appears to belong to the pirate Bluebeard, but the captain denies it to no end. The vessel is similar to a bilander, with a square-rigged mainmast and a lateen-rigged mizzenmast.

With sober crews and clear skies, the three class winners finally took to the sea. The gentleman in the bowler hat maneuvered his dhow expertly before the starting gun and was first across the line. Aqua Fina looked also to be in good form, but Orion struggled mightily with its timing and got off to a slow start.

Beating to windward, Jinn tacked almost effortlessly and made great progress to lead around the windward mark. Aqua Fina also maneuvered well, but not up to Jinn’s speed. Orion continued its poor start and struggled into the wind.

Crossing the wind to the jibe mark, Aqua Fina showed better speed, as its crew trimmed its sails well. They gained on Jinn, but the gentleman privateer was able to just round the jibe mark in front. Orion has fallen well back, and the crew appear to be trying to determine the reason for their slow performance.

The ships make the turn for their first run down wind, and the Aqua Fina shines. Wind fills its square-rigged mainsail and the crew cheers as it sails past the dhow. On board the Jinn, the crew appear to have trouble trimming their lateen sails for best results directly with the wind. Orion continues to fall farther behind and is quickly becoming an afterthought in the race.

Turning back into the wind, Aqua Fina struggles for the first time all match, while the gentleman in the bowler hat quickly has the Jinn onto an advantageous tack. And the crew of Orion have finally solved their problems, as their vessel comes to life and matches Jinn move for move. By the time they reach the mark, Jinn is back in front, and Orion is closing in on Aqua Fina.

Turning for their last run with the wind, Aqua Fina is again fastest, but not as fast as before. She closes on the Jinn and trails bow-to-stern around the final mark. Orion keeps pace with the Aqua Fina, but does not close the gap.

Crossing to the finish, Orion begins to make a move as Jinn and Aqua Fina are more concerned with each other. Aqua Fina briefly pulls alongside, but Jinn blocks her wind and regains the lead. Aqua Fina’s crew tosses their cannon overboard in a final attempt for speed, but at the finish line the gentleman in the bowler hat guides the dhow Jinn across the line first to claim the overall championship. Aqua Fina finishes a close second alongside Jinn. Orion came in last, but only a few boat lengths back of the frontrunners. Several cheers went up from the dockside crowd in appreciation of the seamanship of all the competitors … and for some winning bets by the Corries on hand, much to the dismay of local bookies.

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50 minutes ago, gedren_y said:

Are our ships now free to join the MRCA?

Yes, just make sure you've licensed them -- and remember to check the "license a free vessel" option when you do.

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3 hours ago, Capt Wolf said:

Yes, just make sure you've licensed them -- and remember to check the "license a free vessel" option when you do.

I went ahead and paid for the license when I posted the Glittering Wind.

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Have the prizes for all rounds been awarded? I know I didnt win anything, but I feel like I might have got some free builds out of this somehow...

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On 6/22/2019 at 9:44 AM, Ross Fisher said:

Have the prizes for all rounds been awarded?

Your entered ships can be licensed for free - none of the entries (of any player) has been subpar (rather the opposite), so that much is in place. :)

(We are working on the rest. And the t- and aMRCA. And everything else ;) )

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Results: The Pilot's Association Racing Cup

If you thought the Corlander bureaucracy were a lumbering, stalling behemoth, the administration of Grand Duke Alexander Prio would have you tear your hair out in desparation.

However, the paperwork for the PA Racing Cup was finally done, to be published through out the Brick Seas. While the association itself had not attracted too much interest, the races had been wildly successful, with some very intense duels and, from time to time, some dirty tricks. The races had been followed closely, with many at the edge of their seats at the spectator rows, or while reading the commentaries.

  • Category A: The Pilot's Association
    • Build:
    • Story:
      For extraordinary efforts in support of the Pilot's Association, Grand Duke Alexander Prio bestows upon the following gentlemen titles in the honourable Order of Navigation
  • Category B: The P.A. Racing Cup
    Free licenses for all participating vessels
    • B1: Class 1 races
      • Race winner: @Wellesley's Orion! Prize: A class 3 vessel activated by microbuild
      • Best designs:
        • Winner: @TomSkippy: +2 maneouvre
        • Field improvements!
          Oilskin Johnny's crew managed to turn an unwieldy little boat nimbler by restowing the ballast
          Serial: #26
          Bonus: +2 manoeuvre for the Sangiovese
        • @Ross Fisher: +1 cargo
          Nets aplenty
          A'chua's craft does not have a traditional cargo hold, but can carry exotic fruits in nets between the main hull and the outrigger.
          Serial: #27
          Bonus: +1 cargo for A'chua's Catamaran
        • @Wellesley: +1 cargo
          Not every day is a race! When not racing, the Orion carries additional cargo on deck
          Serial: #28
          Bonus: +1 cargo for the Orion
        • @Bregir: +1 to range
          Valuable experience!
          Itzcali and his crew got new experience in long range travel on the trip to Prio
          Serial: #29
          Bonus: +1 range for the Marlin
    • B2: Class 2 races
      • Race winner: @Bregir's Jinn! Prize: A class 4 vessel activated by microbuild
      • Best designs:
        • Winner: @TomSkippy: +2 to firepower
          Brass chaser!
          Someone showed up asking for Oilskin Johnny's other crew, donating a well-crafted bronze chaser
          Serial: #30
          Bonus: +2 guns for the the Spirit of Sir Edward
        • @Professor Thaum: +1 crew
          The sleek and fast Arkham Chaser attracted a small group of smuggler volunteers
          Serial: #31
          Bonus: +1 crew for the Arkham Chaser
        • @Wellesley: +1 range
          Veteran Navigator!
          With an experienced navigator on board, the Lydia can make it farther than most vessels her size
          Serial: #32
          Bonus: +1 range for the Lydia
    • B3: Class 3 races
      • Race winner: @Capt Wolf's Aqua Fina! Prize: A class 5 vessel activated by microbuild
      • Best designs: (Tom Skippy and Bodi ties for best build)
        • Winner 1: @TomSkippy: +2 to firepower
          Hull bracings!
          The Golden Rat proved much more sturdy than first assumed and would certainly do well in close quarter fight
          Serial: #33
          Bonus: +2 hulls for the Golden Rat
        • Winner 2: @Bodi: +2 guns
          The exotic crew of the Mayu has been experimenting with weaponizing rockets
          Serial: #34
          Bonus: +2 guns for the Mayu
        • @Capt Wolf: +1 crew
          The race performance has attracted a few "volunteers"
          Serial: #35
          Bonus: +1 crew for the Aqua Fina
    • Overall race winner
      : Title: Honorary Chairman of the Pilot's Association (and a tag)

The Grand Duke Alexander Prio wishes to extend his gratitude to all who participated to make the even a success!

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