George Lego

Classic Town - 4-axle MEILLER Tipper Truck

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I love that color scheme! Green and Dk.Gray is always good looking on a truck. You made a lot of efforts to keep as much old dark gray as the parts allowed you to do so. How is the tipper raising mechanism working? It looks like a Technic pneumatic part.

I love your sticker too, this logo is rather intemporal for a truck company.

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Thanx again, I do like as well the color combination and unfortunatelly I only managed to get as much as possible parts in ''Old Grey''.

The tipper lifting part is a pneumatic cylinder indeed and does not work other than keeping the structure up.

The logo of the tipper though is of one the major European tipping companies (Meiller Kipper - ) and the attached picture shows my effort to get as close as I could... ;-)


47471980961_6332d87ae1_z.jpg05a by George Legoman, on Flickr

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It's a aestetically pleasing solution for display, this pneumatic cylinder.

I didn't know this Logo, never noticed it in France. :)

You made a very good work catching the main features of the original truck.

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