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Really nice model, it's very rare to see 4 wide Classic Town buses. I like the way you incorporated an opening front door, it gives another feel to the vehicle. These two windscreens are very good for coaches, I made one with such windscreen in a 90's style.

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I've not published it yet, I will see if I've time this week-end.

I also made one as if it was made in 1985 here. I like building buses in Classic Town style, there is always a lot of challenges. In the ones I've linked, I can't put minifigures entirely, I have to remove the legs and change the torso for a 1975 one, because I didn't like the effect of 1x4x3 panels. Although, on the 90's one I've not shown yet, I used the 1x4x3 panels, that allows placing minifigures with their arms correctly placed. That's all the charm of building in 4w! :)

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