St. George and the Dragon Village Fayre (MOC)

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 Hi everyone!

 I've just made this assortment of builds depicting the sort of village fete that I used to go to when I was younger. It has various things, from plate smashing and a Punch and Judy Show to a pantomime performance of St. George and the Dragon!

 Let me know what you think of it!

 47458125521_6cff07ae8d_c.jpgSt. George vs The Dragon by Adam Hickey, on Flickr

47458121481_3b6536b492_c.jpgPunch and Judy! by Adam Hickey, on Flickr

47458119681_944f4e3179_c.jpgPlate Smashing by Adam Hickey, on Flickr

33581890818_cb0b5a7977_c.jpgThe Medieval Fayre by Adam Hickey, on Flickr

33581889968_9747e6f06c_c.jpgHere Comes the Dragon! by Adam Hickey, on Flickr

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