[GBW] - Sabotage - New Brickika - Raid in Fuel Control Outpost

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A team of New Brickika's veteran Skallax Warriors are supporting soldiers of Prinulia who entered into Walara's territory so to sabotage a Fuel Control Outpost right in the underground fuel line crossroad. This act will cut the fuel supplying of the Walara's forces in the borders, and forced them to step back for a while

47447810891_cbeddb7839_c.jpgRaid In Fuel Control Outpost 

47447820591_2ce4b8cc39_c.jpgRaid In Fuel Control Outpost 

46532569215_e5a0773029_c.jpgRaid In Fuel Control Outpost 

47447811801_cb4e6ba523_c.jpgRaid In Fuel Control Outpost 

47447812331_bc325dcd68_c.jpgRaid In Fuel Control Outpost 

40481934713_6c2a10ee7f_c.jpgRaid In Fuel Control Outpost 



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Very Nice. The use of vegetation here is particularly effective and the different heights of the grass create a very realistic rugged atmosphere. The idea is great and pulled of well. The mini figure positioning and expressions are very good and fit well with the story. A good build here.


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Judges’ comments…

Excellent build. Absolutely loved this one. You did a great job adding just the right detail here to make the little things pop and make me look into the images. Presentation is top notch, great pictures! Keep it up!    

I have 2 things about this build.  The first one, the lighting was a lil lower than perfect.  That big dark line that runs through the background seam shows on the underside of the platform.  Shadows are ok, heavy shadows are rough.  The other concern is the extremely flat land.  Unless it's concrete, give it some bumps...even if they are super minor.  The olive green plate just looks like heavier clumps of grass/weeds.  Be sure they are in the base tone (green).  Otherwise, FANTASTIC WORK here!!!

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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