[MOC] CSX SD40-3 60052 skin

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This is definitely one of my simpler builds. It's nothing more than a reskin of the 60052. I chose the CSX scheme primarily because of the prevalence of blue and the excellent sticker set from The Sticky Brick for $8. This is my first re-skin attempt and it feels a little like cheating after the dozens and dozens of hours that went into my BNSF and my 4-4-0. That said, my goal wasn't something original. Rather I wanted badly to improve the toy scale looks of the original loco. In all it about 150 parts and ran about $15 including new side panels. Here's a link to the file on bricksafe if you want to build, modify or inspect my work. Hope you like!

My Bricksafe Files








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Posted (edited)

Ohhhh I like!  Totally not cheating...  Decals on Lego = model lol plus CSX is a really simple livery I'm surprised we don't see more of it...  Although it seems I've seen it much more this year then past years. 

Thanks for the sticker link! 

Edit: I find it odd that his real life reference photos are both wrecks lol but the stickers look great! 

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I found that funny too! I also used his stickers on my BNSF Loco and was happy both times. I like this loco so much I might build an unpowered dummy version to pull behind. 

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Much more beautiful than the original, the Lego should have produced it like this:

- yellow trainbase
- no doors but side windows (yours are great!) :thumbup:
- most detailed main body

...and the CSX logo is the icing on the cake! :wub:

GREAT MOC (this is not just a MOD :wink:)

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